Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cuatro de Mayo

It just occured to me that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Now, I'm not of Mexican descent and have no legitimate reason to celebrate this holiday, but it's sort of like St. Patrick's Day for me - all about the food.

I even had a chance to make Mexican food but I blew it - tomorrow night I'm hosting a celebration (baby shower for friends with 30 adults and lots of little kids) and planned a whole non-Mexican food menu because I forgot about Cinco de Mayo. If you're coming to the shower, don't expect Cinco de Mayo fare!

In case you're not coming to my house and you still don't have something planned for dinner tomorrow night, here are some ideas* from past posts:

Chicken enchiladas
Vegetarian enchiladas
Chili Verde
Chile Relleno Casserole (read the comments!)
Spanish Rice
Black Bean Soup
Tres Leches Cake
Mayan Cocoa Brownies
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

*The recipes in these post are not intended to be "authentic" Mexican food in any way nor does the author intend to be any kind of expert in Mexican food. But, the baby in her belly sure does love burritos!


  1. All's not lost - Taco Bell caters.

  2. Ok, so I looked at the title and thought, "What is she making with mayo?"

  3. That's funny . . . mayo is one of the things I really dislike :)

  4. Every holiday -- every day, for that matter! -- is all about the food ... :)


  5. I feel that the baby will be a foodie. Lucky you.