Monday, March 19, 2012

Hanging with my girls

It's spring break this week - woohoo!  I'm going to do some real cooking (not reheating), post about my awesome weekend in Eugene, and spend time with my little people.  Thought I'd give you a little update about them and share some pictures I took with my new Instagram App.

One of our traditions for my first or last day of work is to go out to breakfast.  This time it was the 50s Diner in the Village for pancakes:

Little sister loves taking her puppy for walks (see photo), pushing her baby stroller, picking up rocks, Curious George, making friends with strangers, and looking for animals.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds every day . . . it's unbelievable how much she understand, remembers, and repeats.  

More photos of her coming in my weekend recap.

Big sister loves life, as always.  She's interested in learning how to spell things and sound out words.  Her biggest passion right now is Star Wars.  She just saw Return of the Jedi with her dad, has his old Star Wars toys, and bought a few of her own (with her own money) to add to her collection.  She loves to be Luke and even when I offered her a movie and a bunch of candy if I could be Luke, she said no.  A couple recent highlights for her (if you know her at all, you won't be surprised) were praying for the preschool chapel and being on the radio (Sirius XM Kids channel).  I can't believe she's going to Kindergarten in the fall . . . crazy how fast time goes.


  1. What you didn't go to Islands on your last day of school?
    Yep, that big one told me "Grammy, I'm into Star Wars right now. Nothing else. Just Star Wars"
    And that littlest, whatta doll!

  2. Thanks for the pics! Man, I miss those girls! wish i was coming home for easter, but with the new baby, work and limited funds, it just doesn't look like it's gonna work =( give the girls hugs for me!