Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Case of the Missing Samoas

Act I, Scene I
A sunny afternoon at the park.  A girl scout in a uniform pulls a red wagon loaded with boxes and Big is trying to make a decision with her mother looking on.

Big:  How many boxes can we buy?

Mom (checking her pockets for loose change):  You can buy 2.
Big looks some more, taking the decision very seriously.

Big:  How about this red box and this purple box?

Mom:  Well, the tag-a-longs are Dad's favorites so that's a good choice.  But, we'd better not get those samoas.  Can you pick something else?

Big:  Why?

Mom:  They're my favorites and I might eat the whole box.

Big:  But I really want them - you just don't eat them all, okay?

Mom  (reluctantly):  Ok.

Act I, Scene II
Approximately one week later.  Dad is clearing dinner dishes and Big is excited about her treat of 2 girl scout cookies.  Mom gets down the box of Tag-a-longs and hands her 2 cookies.

Big:  No, I want the other kind.

Mom:  What other kind?  These are the girl scout cookies.

Big:  The ones in the purple box

Mom:  Those are all gone

Big:  WHHAAAATTT???   What happened to them??

Mom:  We must have ate them all

Big:  NOOO . . . I only ate a few of them!

Mom:  Well, I ate them.  I told you they were my favorites

The look on Dad's face changes from a look of disbelief to a look of disgust.

Big:  You said you wouldn't eat the whole box!  No fair!

Mom:  I'm sorry but they're gone.  Do you want these 2 cookies or not?

End scene (but not tantrum).


  1. Hilarious... those are my favorites, too, and I would be guilty of the exact same thing (cmoplete with the hubby being seriously disgusted!). It can't be helped - those things are addictive! :)

  2. I know - I was totally cringing as I admitted the truth. A whole box in a week . . . pretty gross. But, they are SO addicting :)

  3. You go Bec. Eat another box for me. but I would have NEVER done that to you. kidding.

  4. Maybe next time she'll take your warning seriously, and pick the Shortbreads instead! : )

  5. Did she settle for the Samoas? That's a pretty funny story. The purple box is also my favorite! The older they get, the less they let us get away with, huh? They get smart!

  6. Wait, the box lasted an ENTIRE WEEK?! That's unparalleled willpower! In our house it would have been gone in two days, tops.