Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The rest of the summer in photos

The time since my last post is the longest I've ever gone on this blog.  Even when I've had babies, worked a ton, and been out of town or the country for long stretches, I've managed to post.  I don't have a great excuse just that I was soaking up every minute of summer and I didn't take my laptop anywhere with me this year.  So, here's a little recap of what's happened since my last post.  In photos.  It was hard to choose but this should give you an idea!  And now that the kids are back to school and a somewhat "normal" schedule is in place, I hope to be back to posting recipes and pictures more often!  If you're still here, thank you!

Middle turned 5 years old!
We had an amazing visit with these ladies

Such fun memories and friendships - I'm so glad they came to visit.
Then, we travelled to Kauai for almost 3 weeks.  Little swam every day, even with pneumonia.

We met lots of God's creatures, including this sea cucumber that Middle loved so much she cried when we returned him to his ocean home.

It was astonishingly beautiful - even a walk down the road had this type of backdrop

I didn't take enough pictures but I have great memories of the time spent with siblings, parents, and cousins.

Big grew up right before my eyes into this tall, confident (tan!) almost 8 year old

Lots of island and tide pool exploring.  

"In the waves, and the water"

We tried stand up Paddle boarding which soon led to Big's desire to surf
Almost every morning it was this beautiful and I sat and watched my kids in their element
Middle snorkeling with Daddy
Big finally surfing.  She was a natural and loved every minute out on the water.
It's not so sad to come home from vacation when you have visitors waiting for you!
More fun girl time with our Seattle friends
One more of sweet AJ!

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