Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ice cream cake

Right now I'm not able to work out and it's starting to drive me crazy.  A big part of the way that I manage stress in my life is by exercising regularly and a big part of the way I manage my weight is also by exercising.  Now, after 3 sedentary weeks, I want to eat ALL THE FOOD that we have.  Just sit on the couch and eat it.  So, today, instead of eating the food and watching the television, I'm sitting outside watching some random people play tennis and looking at pictures of food.  I was remembering how amazing this dessert was when I made it for a fun, summer pool party we had this summer.  It's still about 90 degrees here in So Cal so it would still be fun to make this if you have any weekend plans with a bunch of people.

This is a fake ice cream cake - you layer ice cream sandwiches instead of baking any cake.  It was really, really good.  Desserts in 9x13 pans are funny - sometimes it seems like it won't stretch far enough and other times, you end up with a ton leftover.  I fed 10 adults and 8 kids with this recipe and had about 1 large piece leftover.  It's pretty rich and it will feed a lot of friends!  You can substitute the peanut butter chips with actual peanuts or other chopped up candy (peanut butter cups? snickers? the possibilities are endless).  
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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

1 (16oz) can of chocolate syrup (the Hersheys kind - not hot fudge)
3/4 cup peanut butter (the smooth kind)
19 ice cream sandwiches (regular size)
1 (12oz) container of Cool Whip
1 cup peanut butter chips (or other nuts or candy)

Heat the chocolate syrup in the microwave or on the stove until it's hot but don't boil.  Stir peanut butter into hot chocolate until smooth.  Allow to cool to room temperature.

Line the bottom of a 9x13 pan with a layer of ice cream sandwiches.  Spread half of the whipped topping over them.

Spoon half the the chocolate mixture over that.  Top with half of the peanut butter chips.  Repeat layers.  Freeze until firm, at least one hour.  Cut into squares to serve.

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  1. That was a fun cake! A lot of sugar... maybe the 2.0 version needs some sort of salt component? Layer of pretzels?