Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Daddy & Big
Holding Middle

Minutes after Little was born
Art with Daddy
Games before bedtime
Racing cars
Playing with Little
My kids and I have something in common - we have great dads.  My father has always been one of my biggest fans and one of the most encouraging people that I've met.  Even when some dads might steer clear of some topics, (like the trouble I had breastfeeding), my dad would ask me how it was going and tell me I was doing a great job.

My husband is a great dad.  Watching him with our babies made me fall in love with him even more and he is a very involved, attentive father.  I recently read this article about how dads sometimes get a bad rap for being the "lesser parent" and not as competent as moms.  I totally agree with her point of view that it needs to stop, especially with how so many dads today are involved in parenting.

Here are links to my husband's favorite recipes on this site:

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. This may be a coincidence, but the happiest, most well-adjusted and accomplished adults I've known grew up in a three-sister family. And if it's not a coincidence, well then, I have a theory ...