Sunday, August 4, 2013

When you were two

You wore at least 3 or 4 (or 7 or 8) different outfits every day.  When your big sister would suggest something new to play or someone new to be, you'd go change into the appropriate costume.  Your favorite things to play were Cinderella, Rapunzel, Mommy & Auntie, and the Incredibles (you're Dash because you "have blue eyes and can run really fast").

You would ask me "who you going to be, mom?" and ask your big sister "are we still pretending?"

You had a big heart and if you got something (a cookie, a sticker, any treat), you'd make sure there was one for your big sister.

You loved being the big sister.  You smothered your baby sister with love and would tell her "nothing to worry about" when she would cry.  You told me all the time "Our baby is so cute."  Your best friend is your big sister.  The two of you would play, laugh, fight, sing songs and tell secrets.  Your big sister would help you wash your hair, reach things that were up high, speak up when you were shy, and other stuff.

When you did something well or correct, you'd proudly announce, "I'm a good job!"  When you were afraid at night, you'd tell us, "I'm scary."  One day recently, I asked you if you knew who Daddy's mom is.  Your first guess:  "Uncle Matt?"  No.  "You?"  No.  "Grammy Heidi?"  No.  "Grammy Judy?"Yes!  "I knew it."

You had an infectious laugh and such blue eyes.  You might have been tiny (barely weighing in at 30 pounds by your 3rd birthday) but you had a big personality, you knew how to stand up for yourself, and you could do lots of things (including swimming) that many 2 year olds don't know how to do.

You loved skirts that twirl and sometimes would try on 3 or 4 things until you found a skirt that was just right.  You were into accessorizing and add all kinds of extra things (layers of skirts, necklaces, sunglasses, headbands, hair clips, purses) to your outfit.  I often told people that what you were wearing was "a lot of look."

Doing thing by yourself was very important.  If I helped you when you didn't want to be helped, you'd start all over by yourself.

You loved to draw and color.  All on your own, you found magnets and would hang your masterpieces up on the refrigerator in the garage.  You know how to spell your name and would ask me to write your name on the coloring pages that you finished.

Your first self portrait

Baby girl, you are such a sweet little girl and you make me smile every day!  I can't imagine my life or our family without you in it.  I can't wait to see what this new year holds for you as you start preschool and learn so many more things.  Happy Birthday!!


  1. So much love in this, and filled with truly wonderful details. Just beautiful.

  2. your sweet words brought tears to my eyes. I really love all the details..some are so similar to my girls at their stages (the amount of outfits in a day really made me lol because that was Eve)

  3. Happy Birthday Middle Sister! Wow, 3 years old ALREADY!
    Beautiful post, Bec. Keep up the good work, mama! You've got a lot to be proud of!

  4. She is a girl after my own heart! Don’t forget telling you that she needs a nap and her scheming for cookies in the am! :)

  5. made me cry - so sweet. . .so Ani. She truly is a little girl with a big personality and even bigger heart.

  6. I love this! Very sweet! What a gift she is!