Saturday, August 17, 2013

Some recent conversations with the kids

Middle runs away from me in a crowded place.  Far away.  After getting lost twice in two days.  I find her and pick her up.

Me:  You cannot run away from Mommy like that.  You are going to have a serious consequence this time.

Middle:  Like a spanking?

Me:  No, but it will be something serious.

Middle:  Like prison?

We're at the grocery store and Middle wants to pick out milk based on the color on the carton.  I grab some milk and we check out.  On the way to the car . . . 

Middle:  Mommy, do you pour the milk into your breast?

Me:  What?

Middle:  To feed the baby.  How does it get in there?

We're walking along and Big asks me what "loyalty" means.  I thought that was a tough one to explain but I did my best.  Then, after a few minutes, she hits me with this.  I think it's from listening to a Taylor Swift song too many times.

Big:  When someone says "I like . . . " or "I was like . . . " and then a sentence, do they mean that that's what they thought or that's what they actually said?

It took a few tries to understand what she was saying but she wanted the literal explanation of what it means when someone talks like this:  "So, I was like 'you are so weird' "

I can't wait to see what Tiny baby comes up with when she can talk!