Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep Thoughts about Frosting

I just had to throw out part of the best cream cheese frosting I've ever made and it nearly killed me. But, I can't eat it with a spoon and I refuse to make more dessert after the crazy eating I did this weekend.

As I was rinsing it down the drain, I was thinking that this frosting is what I love about cooking: you take a couple of things that aren't great by themselves, combine them, and like magic you get something new and delicious. The frosting only has cream cheese, butter, sugar, and vanilla but put them all at the same temperature, in the right proportions, and whip them up with a mixer, and you get this incredibly smooth, sweet, delicious spoonful.

Cooking is a great example of the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and this rings true to me in so many important areas of my life: church, marriage, and friends. God takes some people who by themselves are special and pretty great and brings them together with others in community to make something more.

When you feel like you're part of something incredible, whether it's just you and your spouse in your marriage, or a large group committed to some purpose, look at each other and notice how you're better together than you would be alone. And, that's my deep thought for a Monday

On to the menu for the week . . .

Sunday - Pizza
Monday - Chicken Orzo Salad
Tuesday - Scallops with spinach and white beans
Wednesday - Dinner with our 4B4W group
Thursday - Grilled steaks, rice & green vegetable
Friday - Sunday - Girl's weekend in Napa!!


  1. Girl's weekend in Napa! Sounds awesome!

  2. What a wonderful and meaningful conclusion drawn from cream cheese frosting!