Monday, April 13, 2009

I should know better

I've already said this to my sisters, husband and mom but as my friends, you also need to know that I should NEVER decorate something for a special occasion. So, if I tell you that I'm going to decorate a wedding cake for someone, a birthday cake for you, or even something simple like sugar cookies, please tell me to just make brownies or ginger-molasses cookies, or key lime bars or something like that instead.

What happened was I told my sister I'd bring Easter cookies for a special picnic this weekend. If we decorate cookies to celebrate Jesus's birth, why not for his resurrection, right? I found adorable cookie cutters, bought Wilton icing for the decorating part, looked up my favorite sugar cookie recipe, found a good icing recipe for the base icing, and got my dough into the refrigerator. No problem. Visions of beautifully decorated, delicate cookies filled my head. Then, I began rolling out the dough and I remembered why I always vow never to do cookie cutter cookies again - it was a mess. But, I got the cookies into the oven, baked, and the base layer of icing on. What happened next is better represented by a couple of photos.

Enough said? If you're my friend, don't let me try this again.

If you want to try it, I used sugar cookie recipe #2 (which is Mary's Sugar Cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker book) and for the base frosting, I just used powdered sugar with enough whole milk to make it frostingy.


  1. This has me laughing out loud. These things always seem to so easy... until you start. I bet they tasted delicious, though. Your food always does.

  2. It was sad. Thanks for the vote of confidence - they did taste pretty good.

  3. Bec, these cookies were perfect for Sunday's picnic! I had one after you left and thought that the icing tasted exactly like Grandma Vis icing on kucha buns. I especially liked the bunnies - they were cute and very fun. Don't give up decorating - they were great! mom

  4. Now see I would let you keep decorating because I think they look fabulous! You have obviously NEVER seen MY decorated cut out cookies! You should have seen what I did to last year's poor gingerbread men. Talk about sad! Maybe there's some cookie decorating class we could (should) take together.....
    ~Steph : )