Saturday, April 4, 2009

The full report

Well, I promised a full report from our Girls' Weekend in San Francisco. While I contemplated giving a run down of every bite I ate all weekend, it would take too long (and get too boring) so here are the highlights and the pictures. If you were with me and want to add to any category, please do!

Best food experience - all around: Boulette's Larder in the Ferry Market Building for breakfast. If you don't mind a big shaggy dog rubbing against your legs while you eat, I promise this will be one of your favorite places to eat. I snapped one picture as I walked in the door of an interesting jar and was told not to take any more photos so there are none. The menu is different every day, using seasonal, local ingredients and we sat at a communal table in the working kitchen. I had a hot whole grain cereal with currants, flax seeds and nuts and the best thing was some homemade yogurt with honey and dried fruit. It was amazing . . . the tartness, smooth texture, and what I'm guessing is wild, local honey that was starting to crystalize on the side of the bowl.

Best view: Top of the Mark Hopkins where we had cocktails before dinner on Friday night. My drink was not a favorite of everyone else's (champagne cocktail with raspberry liquer which my sisters thought tasted like cough syrup) and my favorite was probably T's ginger martini.

Best seafood: My sister-in-law's cedar plank salmon at McCormick and Kuleto's in Ghirardelli Square . . . I've eaten a lot of salmon and I'm at a loss to explain why this was so tasty. I had the ahi tuna served rare, sashimi style and it was also amazing.

Best free extra: The complimentary sparkling water at Poggio on Sausalito. I highly recommend this restaurant. My pasta was amazing and I wish I wasn't so full by the time dessert rolled around. Worth the cab ride from the city and a fun end to my weekend.

Place I'd visit first the next time I'm in town: The Ferry Market Building. Great shops, lots of places I wish I could have tried, really fun place to browse (especially without an 18 month saying "hold you" or "me walk" the whole time). While I was there I bought some Parisian Macaroons from Miette Patisserie. They were wonderful and not coconut like traditional macaroons. This afternoon, I happened to hear a segment of Splendid Table on NPR (don't look surprised - you already knew I'm a huge dork and if you're reading this far into this post, you probably listen to NPR too) discussing "real" Parisian macaroons made from almonds and how rose petal is a popular flavor in Paris and I realized that's what I had eaten in San Francisco.

Food regret: Not buying a gingerbread cupcake from Miette or having crepes for breakfast at Squat and Gobble (which coincidentally wins for "best restaurant name")

There's more I could say about China Town, Fisherman's Wharf, and Marina but suffice it to say this was one of the best weekends I've had in a long, long time. Thanks, girls!

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  1. A vacation specifically centered around food sounds absolutely splendid. We're looking forward to more food with you on Thursday!