Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I'm starting a new blog

Last night I took a cooking class with four of my friends for my 31st birthday. The woman teaching the class talked about how she came to own the business and be a chef and a teacher and I was impressed by the fact that in her mid-fifties, she was loving what she was doing. When I told my husband the story, he said, "why don't you do that?" by which he meant "why don't you teach cooking classes since you teach and love to cook" and my response was "because I'm not a chef and don't have time to start a business."

But, if you know me at all, you probably know that I love to start things, or just come up with big ideas and talk about starting things (non-profits, birth centers, food tours . . . is it ringing a bell yet?). And that short conversation made me start thinking about what I could do related to my interest in food stuff. I think another blog is more manageable in my life right now than starting a cooking school or getting on the Food Network and it might be a good release for my daily thinking about all things food.

I know there are tons of blogs out there about food. I read many of them and I'm not claiming to have anything very new to say or to contribute. This is just about me, what I'm thinking about, and what I'm cooking. At the cooking class last night, I was totally into the discussions about whether or not we soak dried beans before cooking them, whether or not we rinse rice, the pros and cons of buying heads of garlic, and what you really get when you spend $300 on a pot (I never have). Maybe you share my interest, and maybe you don't, but I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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