Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's in the Fridge?

Last week, I read a column in the LA Times by Russ Parsons who wrote, "How to Pick a Peach" where he discussed what lurked in his refrigerator. I took this picture of my own refrigerator.

Some random observations:
* I have 3 types of cow's milk (whole, cream, and non-fat) and some soy milk
* Lots of salad dressing, mustard, and marmalade (why don't I make my own dressing??)
* Containers of hummus, tapenade, and feta from farmer's market (will I ever finish these before they go bad? You know the spiel . . . 4 are cheaper)
* I see at least two containers of leftovers that I know I'll throw away
* Oldest items - some caramel syrup that's probably more than 5 years old and some Soy Vay marinade that runs a close second.
* Unlike Russ, I have no non-food items (probably a good thing, right?)

If you email me your refrigerator photo and any comments, I'll post them!


  1. Interesting. When we get back and I refill my fridge, I'll do mine.

  2. I have way more condiments in my fridge than food. My husband can't one kind of salsa or mustard.