Friday, November 29, 2013

Book Report: Black Beauty

I've had a really busy week, and I'm giving the reins to Big who has another book report to share:

What was this book about?
It was about a horse named Black Beauty.

Who was your favorite horse?
Black Beauty because she is the main character and I liked her.  My second favorite was Ginger because she was Black Beauty's friend.

What part did you like the best?
When Ginger and Black Beauty saw each other again.  Black Beauty was in a nice stable and Ginger came in but she was hurt.  I was sad when they first were taken away from each other so I was happy when they got to see each other one more time.

Who was your favorite person?
I liked John Manley because he was good and kind.

What did you learn about animals from this book?
I learned that you should treat them nicely and never do things to hurt animals.

What is your recommendation to other readers?
You should read this book because it's a good story that teaches you a lesson.


  1. I read and reread that book as a young girl. Couldn't get my daughter interested, tho!

  2. Thank you, Big, for the excellent recommendation.