Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When you were five

When you were five, you lost two teeth and learned to ride a bike and made new friends and told everybody you were in "transitional kindergarten" when I would say "preschool."

You made friends with kids of all ages and in all different classes at your school and we often ran into people who knew your name when we went places in Claremont.

You became a big sister for the second time and were so proud of baby Jordyn.  You did great holding her and making her smile and taking care of her in the car by putting her pacifier back in.
You started gymnastics and it wasn't uncommon to see you upside down standing on your head or doing cartwheels everywhere we went.

You loved fancy dresses and Star Wars and your favorite shows were Wild Kratts and Horseland.  You loved to climb trees, read books, and play tennis.

Your teacher Ms. Gloria had the same birthday as you and taught you the sounds that all the letters made.  You asked me a lot how to spell things or what words meant and to read things to you that you couldn't quite read yet.  Instead of asking "why?" you ask me "what if . . . " and have an incredible imagination.

You wore a headband almost everyday and told me that was your "style."  While purple had been your favorite color ever since you knew what colors were, it changed to yellow this year which I think suits your sunny and vibrant personality!

You looked forward to fun things and holidays, counting down days. You are especially pleased about turning 6 . . . it "sounds older" and is one of your "favorite numbers" and you keep telling me "it's going to be the best year ever."  I hope it is a great year for you . . . I can't wait to see what 6 has in store for my oldest, biggest girl.  I became a mom 6 years ago and you've taught me more about life than I could have imagined.  I love seeing the world through your eyes!


  1. Wonderful! Now it's time to read "Now We Are Six" by AA Milne.

  2. Happy Birthday Big Girl! 6 does sound so much older!

  3. Love this big, spunky, FUN, sweet girl.

  4. Such a precious girl, our Jenna Ann!

  5. Great pictures, I can't believe she is that old!