Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Bucket List

While I should be grading my remaining TWELVE essays (collected 60 so I'm doing pretty good!), I instead worked on my bucket list for the summer.  I just read it to Big and she got super excited . . . I guess that means we have to do these things now!  #1 is on the agenda for this Friday and we just made the final flight reservations for our trip to Hawaii (#2).  I'm hoping that some of our family will want to join us for #8 and #23.  The most unrealistic one on this list would have to be #24 but it's a wish list, right?  If you have an easy, small tent, I'd love to borrow it sometime for #12.

What are your summer plans??

1.  Go to Catalina Island (done 6/1)
2.  Snorkel in Hawaii (done 6/22)
3.  Eat veggies from our garden (done 7/23)
4.  Have a water fight (done 6/9)
5.  Invite friends over for a swim day (done 7/12)
6.  Make homemade ice cream (done 7/11)
7.  Go see fireworks somewhere (done 7/4)
8.  Take Big to the Hollywood Bowl
9.  Visit the girls' great-grandma in Atlanta (done 8/1)
10.  "Camp" in our backyard
11.  Visit the Discovery Science Center in Orange
12.  Have a sleepover with Sasha
13.  Go to Seattle to visit Amber (done in September)
14.  Run a 5K and a 10K
15.  Take tennis lessons
16.  Go to the beach (done 7/10)
17.  Summer reading program at the library (enrolled 7/5)
18.  Throw Little a birthday party (done 8/11)
19.  Go away overnight without our kids (planned for 8/23)
20.  Work on How to Teach Your Child with Big (started 7/16)
21.  Take Little to My Gym (both girls - done 8/9)
22.  Go to the water park at the Santa Fe Dam
23.  See World of Color at Disneyland
24.  Sleep in past 8:00 some day (done 7/5 and 7/6)
25.  Take a day trip on the train from the Claremont Depot
26.  Visit the Griffith Observatory and Planetarium (done 6/10/12)

Seriously, I promise to start cooking and posting recipes again soon.

Inspired by the Happy Family Movement


  1. I have a tent! I'll be in Claremont in mid July and can drop it off if you want.

  2. Thanks, M! I'll be in touch . . .

  3. I love your list, we'll be trying a few of these ourselves. #15 seems to always be on my "list" but hasn't happened yet...good luck!

  4. I love this list. *steals idea and runs away* And we can help with #7 -- come to our place on the 4th, we get a great view of the Claremont fireworks for free!

  5. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on hitting so many. Please DO NOT run a marathon in this heat---