Sunday, May 27, 2012

Conversations with big sister

Car Insurance

Big:  Mom, what is car insurance?

Mom:  When people pay money so that if they get in a car accident, someone else takes care of things or pays to get your car fixed.

Big:  But what does that have to do with geckos?


Big:  So mom, what did you teach your students today?

Mom:  In one class, they're learning to debate.

Big:  What's debate?

Mom:  When people have different ideas so they each give their reasons.  Like if you think we should go to the zoo tomorrow but I think we should go to the park, we could debate our ideas to decide who wins.

Big:  Well, I already do that all the time!

Mom:  I know you do.  And, you're probably better at it than some of my students.

Debates, part II  (as told to me by the babysitter)

Big doesn't listen and obey so the babysitter needs to give her a consequence

Babysitter:  I'm sorry but you can't have your chocolate chip cookie for dessert since you made the choice to do the wrong thing.

Big:  Well, the cookies weren't a reward.  They came with the pizza and are part of my dinner.  So, you have to let me eat one since it's my dinner.

Babysitter (impressed but not convinced by the argument):  No, dessert is a reward and you weren't listening so no cookie tonight.

Big (having lost the debate, still tries to get in a last word):  My mom will probably let me have one when she gets home.

Babysitter:  I know your mom pretty well and she'll probably agree with my consequence.


  1. Boy will you be in trouble when she is a teen.

  2. Oh my, I was rolling on the floor at the geckos one. My "Big" was and is quite the debater/loophole finder too so I empathize!

  3. I can't help it but this all makes me laugh, especially the debate. Sorry Bec but I think I'm to blame for all the times I hoped you'd have as much fun being a parent as I did with you!