Monday, December 14, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Awhile back, I had the idea to invite some of my daughter's friends over (with their moms) to make gingerbread houses. I had looked at this great article or blog post online and thought I had just the perfect way to do it all. Then, I forgot to bookmark and could never find that particular site again. After that, I was completely stressed about giving finals and grading papers and I laid in bed one night planning to call everyone and cancel the party.

But, my good friend the internet saved the day. No, it didn't grade my papers or randomly assign grades to my students, but it did help me find this little video here. I followed this lady's instructions exactly with much success. I also got my papers graded and had a really fun time.

My tips:

1. Watch the video and copy that lady.
2. Use graham crackers, not actual gingerbread (I served real gingerbread on the side)
3. Start a day or two ahead of time by making the houses and letting them dry.
4. Buy meringue powder (Wilton makes it and I found it at Michaels) and follow the directions for Royal Icing.
5. Make a big batch of Royal Icing right when you want to decorate and give each decorator their own ziplock bag filled with icing with a corner cut off - kept the icing from drying out and made decorating the houses easier.
6. Have creative friends with great ideas for what to use to decorate the houses (thanks, Erika!)
7. Resign yourself to the fact that your child will consume way too much sugar

My helper licking frosting off the beaters

The pieces of the houses - 2 days ahead

The assembled houses - morning of the party

The end result!


  1. I think this canine wood prefer a gingergrahambread doghouse. Yeah, it wood do double duty for me.

  2. Looks like you have a very good assistant.

  3. We're so glad you went through with the party! It was very fun! Julianna recognized the last picture...

  4. I can't tell you how many of these I made when daughter was young. Perfect for non-architectual types.

    Yours came out adorable.