Monday, July 27, 2009

Eating in Eugene

This weekend, my daughter and I went to visit my sister in Eugene, Oregon. Trip highlights included a Friday sunset visit (with free wine tasting) to Sweet Cheeks Winery, my first experience with liege waffles, cooking with my sister, enjoying the beautiful outdoors and great conversation.

In case you're ever in Eugene, here are a few things you should check out.

Off the Waffle - the front of a house was converted into this breakfast / late night spot (can you say munchies??). I learned that liege waffles are one type of belgian waffle where chunks of sugar in the batter make the outside of the waffle similar to a glazed doughnut. You could pick fillings and the waffles were thick enough to be sliced and stuffed. I had the original stuffed with dried rainier cherries and walnuts. For $3, I'm glad I don't live in Eugene because I'd have to resist temptation on a daily basis.

Saturday Market - one of the coolest farmer's market that I've been to. In addition to typical farmer's market fare, there were tie dyed clothes, lots of pottery and wood crafts, and macrame.

The produce was beautiful and here's what we made for dinner with our bounty:

Roasted Veggies and Brown Rice (2 servings)

Take a bunch of veggies (we used a smallish eggplant, a zucchini, some cherry tomatoes, the kernels of one ear of corn, half of a walla walla onion, several garlic cloves, one bell pepper, one small sweet potato) and cut them into similar size pieces (ours were about 1-2 inch chunks). Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, dried oregano, and red chili flakes. Spread on a baking sheet and roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. Toss in chopped fresh basil and serve over hot brown rice.


  1. Can you say yummy? Glad you ate so well.

    This morning we ate one of our own home grown tomatoes. It was great.

    And I totally have a book for you to read when I am done (The Sweet Life in Paris)

  2. Did you bring back the recipe for the Liege Waffle???

    btw, u gals do good work at the Elizabeth House here! I think that's what it's called.

  3. Lisa: Yup, and you would have loved all the vegetarian options everywhere we were. I'm liking "Any Bitter Thing" so keep passing the books my way!

    CO: Well, I looked a couple recipes up but it involves waiting for yeast batter to rise and stuff like that. If I thought I could do them justice, I might give it a shot. Thanks - Elizabeth House is a special place!

  4. Oregano is one of the few herbs that's much stronger dried than fresh. I broke off some fresh to take to a friend and forgot it in the car for a few days. My car may be messy, but now it smells heavenly.

  5. Hmm--do I see egplant here? Sounds like a baked ratatouille, much simpler than the traditional way--and sounds delicious, too.