Monday, August 4, 2014

4 years old

Today, we have a 4 year old!  I must confess, for both Big & Middle, the age of 3 was tough.  It's a super fun time but also a challenging age of learning boundaries and having big ideas with little person limitations.  But, I am so proud of my Middle and excited to celebrate her birthday!  The ways that Middle describes herself are "silly," "fashion girl," and she still likes to tell people, "I'm the middlest."  The ways that I would describe her are generous, easy to be around, creative, thoughtful, and sweet.  

She comes up with great questions and is always thinking about stuff.  She can entertain herself in her own little world and likes things her own particular way . . . especially her clothes!  We've started turning to her for fashion advice and recently, she told Big "I like how you're wearing that" about an outfit which made Big super happy.  She'll pay strangers compliments on their clothes and accessories and notices small details and finds beauty in the world around her.  

Other than her sense of style, she's a girl of big emotions.  If she's happy, there's noone happier and if she's sad, she'll sit by herself (sometimes behind a curtain or chair or under a blanket) for a long time processing her sadness.  Although she has a large vocabulary and can express herself well, those big emotions can get the better of her. She's come a long way in the past year of controlling that and using her words.

She's also learning to be a friend.  On our vacation, she'd walk up to kids and say, "Do you want to be my friend?" and start playing.  She made new friends in preschool and loves to have friends over to our house.  She is a special little kid and brings so much joy to our family.  I can't imagine our family without our blue eyed girl!

Happy Birthday, Middle!!


  1. I thought three was hard too. I liked it when my kids hit kindergarten. I still think pre schoolers are hard. But then it goes by and you miss it!

    Her attention to fashion cracks me up.