Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Last year we made our 2012 Summer Bucket list and it was a lot of fun to see the things we wanted to do and check them off when we accomplished them.  This year's list isn't quite as ambitious and all 4 family members who can speak contributed to the ideas on here.  I know we might not get to them all again but it's making me excited for school to be out so we can get started.
What's on your list?

1.  Go to Sea World
2.  Go to a Luau when we're in Hawaii (done 7/10)
3.  See World of Color at Disneyland (Big 8/29)
4.  Roast marshmallows in the backyard (done 6/11)
5.  Run a 10K
6.  Hollywood Bowl
7.  Take the girls to the Discovery Science Center
8.  Surprise my husband with an unexpected date (done 8/26)
9.  Play tennis (done 6/21)
10.  Keep reading chapter books out loud (most days!)
11.  Go to the beach (done 6/24)
12.  Have friends over for a BBQ (done 6/1)
13.  See a movie in a movie theater
14.  Call some "new" friends for playmates (6/11 and 6/19)
15.  Go to Jumpin' Jammin'
16.  Go out for ice cream (done 7/20)
17.  Swim in our pool after dark (done 6/30)
18.  Go bowling (done 6/25)
19.  Take the girls to the Cafe at the American Girl Store (done 6/21)

Inspired by the Happy Family Movement