Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five and a half and Two and a half

One year ago
My shadows . . . the best of friends
Sometimes I wish I could fast forward to when my kids are sleeping better, not having potty training accidents, old enough for some adventure that I've heard about, or just a little bit into the future like tonight at 9pm when they're sound asleep.  Then, other times I wish I could pause time or rewind just a little bit so that they won't grow up and stay my little girls for longer.  Some days I look at them and can't believe how much they change and grow (literally and as the people they're becoming) right under my nose when I'm busy doing dishes, wiping noses, reading, driving, and all those other daily mommy tasks.  Thinking about how our family dynamics will change in less than 2 months when baby sister #3 makes her appearance also adds to the nostalgia I've been feeling.

The girls aren't quite 5.5 and 2.5, but getting close to those milestones and I wanted to write down some of the their favorite things to help me remember what they were like at this stage.  I've been telling Big how she "used to be" lately, especially when she gets frustrated with Little.  The other day she said (in a very superior, big sister voice) "How come she wants to pretend to be someone first thing in the morning?"  I laughed out loud and told her that's exactly what she did . . . for years!

Little (soon to be known as Middle)
  • Favorite thing to pretend:  "The Punzel" or kitty cats
  • Favorite thing to eat:  fruit snacks or bacon
  • Favorite color:  green
  • Favorite playmate:  her big sister
  • Favorite story to tell strangers:  How she has dreams about Darth Maul from Star Wars
  • Favorite thing to do in the car:  Listen to her Muppets Movie soundtrack (over and over and over)
  • Favorite part of a movie:  When the pumpkin changes into the coach in Cinderella
  • Favorite thing to wear:  Her Twinkerbell nightgown.  
  • Favorite place to go:  My Gym or the kids' moooseum (Children's Museum of the Desert in Rancho Mirage)
  • Favorite ride at Disneyland:  Midway Mania or the carousel
  • What she wants to be when she grows up:  a bird
  • When I can't find her, she's mostly likely:  making a huge mess with windex or make up or pens
  • Proudest recent accomplishment:  wearing panties and getting to be with the "big kids" at Kids Court
  • Last thing I cooked that she liked:  grilled salmon.  Well, okay, Daddy made that so probably pancakes

  • Favorite thing to pretend:  Star Wars or Wild Kratts
  • Favorite thing to eat:  turkey sandwiches or candy
  • Favorite color:  yellow 
  • Favorite playmate:  her little sister
  • Favorite story to tell strangers:  That her mom is pregnant, she's the oldest sister and what we're thinking of naming the baby
  • Favorite thing to do in the car:  Talk to mom & sister or listen to "Sirius XM 78 Kids Place Live"
  • Favorite part of a movie:  When Daddy Warbucks decides that Annie can stay for the week
  • Favorite thing to wear:  Her yellow locket and her Star Wars t-shirt
  • Favorite place to go:  Disneyland and Pretend City
  • Favorite ride at Disneyland:  Star Tours
  • What she wants to be when she grows up:  a dolphin trainer
  • When I can't find her, she's most likely:  in the backyard playing with her bow and arrow or worms
  • Proudest recent accomplishment:  golfing with Daddy
  • Last thing I cooked that she liked:  Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from a tube 


  1. I'm happy to see my Christmas presents feature prominently.

  2. Good news: in some ways, they just get more interesting as they get older.

  3. They are so big! Fun to think what documenting this time will mean to them later :)

  4. I rememeber feeling the same way about you growing up. Especially before the next one came. The good news is - it just gets better and they become even more fun/fascinating/entertaining/rewarding as the years go by! FUN post!

  5. Ah, now that Little moves to Middle, she gets to be the spice in the sandwich. How lovely you're making this record for the kids, and for you.