Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A morning with my girls

My morning started with big sister at the side of the bed, handing me my glasses and telling me it was morning. At 5:45.  So, even though it's barely 8:00am, it's time for little sister's morning nap and a post about our morning so far (can you tell I'm done grading essays?? Woohoo!!).

It's too early!!  Little sister is like her mommy - not so much a morning person
Big sister picked the first squash from her garden the other day and this morning, announced that she would be eating it for breakfast.  This was her assessment:

Looks like:  round with yellow edges
Smells like:  eggs
Tastes like:  not too good

Then, she ate some yogurt instead.

And, after breakfast, she tried to get her little sister to watch Curious George with her.

Little sister prefers to be on the move and was not interested in sitting on the couch.

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