Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things we love

For as rough as February and March were, April is shaping up to be a wonderful month.  On the first day of April, we had no tricks but a special visit from some Indiana friends and our inaugural swim in the pool (well, first swim since moving in).  In addition to that, here are some things we've been enjoying lately . . . 

George the turtle woke up from hibernating all winter

And so did lots of lizards . . . we look for them on walks around our neighborhood and big sister has an insanely good eye for spotting these quick little guys.

We love pancakes (still), especially when they have funny faces.

Checking out shadows in the morning sun

Swinging together at the park around the corner from our house

Swinging, sunshine, and no shoes - does it get any better?  I wish I could bottle her pure pleasure in the ordinary things and save it (for when she hits puberty??)

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  1. Good morning George!!Fun Spring Photos, Bec! You have been very helpful to me this week, the cous cous stuffed peppers from your blog were delicious on Thursday night, and tonight I'm going to serve your asparagus and pea spring vegetable mix to dinner guests. What a resourceful girl you are! Many thanks!