Monday, November 1, 2010

Must. Stop. Eating. The. Candy.

What we gave out for Halloween (so I wouldn't sit around eating leftover candy):
*The fruit snacks are gluten-free

What big sister brought home from trick-or-treating:

What I'm doing . . . while she naps so she doesn't catch me:


  1. I'm pretty terrible too! I secretly ate a Kit-Kat in the garage this afternoon... like I'm a candy junkie! Luckily, Ashlynn's school had a candy drive for the soldiers this morning, so we got rid of quite a bit of it for a good cause.

  2. The other day, I read that 67% of parents eat some of their kids' Halloween candy. I was amazed it wasn't more!!

  3. Sometimes I take the candy to work to get rid of it, and then i feel bad they didn't get to enjoy it more.

  4. totally relate - although, I wasn't smart enough to buy healthy stuff for giving out. ours went to work with Jeff on Wed since I couldn't stop eating it.