Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heroes and Legends

Months and months ago, I wrote about the new house that we bought. We still aren't living in it but renovations are underway and we're enjoying our pool and our new neighborhood on the weekends. On Sunday, we wanted to try somewhere new for lunch and found a parking spot right in front of a restaurant called Heroes & Legends Bar and Grill.

Now, our daughter had been having a rough weekend (chalk it up to 2 and a half and a poor night's sleep) and even on a great day, eating in a restaurant with her can be a challenge. But, she loved the bags of peanuts that they gave us and the fact that you could throw the shells on the floor. In fact, we were seated by the front door and she would say to everyone that walked through, "Excuse me, but did you know you can throw the shells on the floor?" The peanuts kept her busy until our food arrived.

The menu looked good and my husband and I shared a Southwest Chicken Sandwich. You can split a sandwich and for $2 you each get your own side so I had a salad and he had curly fries. The portions were massive and our food tasted great. Although we didn't partake, there were about 50 beers on tap, including some good Belgian Ales. Lunch for 3 under $30 with decent service and the Dodger game playing - a new local hangout!

Heroes & Legends Bar and Grill
131 Yale Avenue
Claremont, CA


  1. It's funny how she says excuse me all the time. Escuse me, Lisa what's in your purse? Excuse me, Lisa play pattycake with me.

  2. I love Claremont! I went to Scripps and I try to get down at least once a year.

  3. Lisa - I know . . . I remember telling her once if she wanted to talk while other people were talking to say "excuse me" first but now she says it constantly.

    M - We're excited about being there . . . maybe sometime we'll have to have lunch!