Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unexpected nice things

Challenge: Don't focus on the things that don't go my way and look for the nice surprises in life.

1. Starbucks has their holiday flavors and I had an amazing gingerbread latte this morning.
2. My colleague built a podium for me out of a cardboard box (my students have debates and my classroom has no podium or lectern)
3. A friend made an unexpected trip to So Cal from Indiana and I get to meet her new baby on Monday
4. A friend who has had a bunch of painful dental work done is babysitting tonight so we can go on a date
5. Today is the fifth day in a row that I'm able to work out - a luxury with a 2 year old!

What happened to you today?


  1. I am going to a hockey game (free tickets). Do I love Hockey? No. Do I want to hang out with my husband alone(when I say alone, I mean minus children)? Yes.

  2. I've got the house to myself until 2:30 and no papers to grade.