Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sin Hongos

On Sunday night, I made a dinner was a big departure from the "old me." The one who hated mushrooms, made fun of siblings who liked them, told little cousins that they were fungus like athlete's foot, and learned to order everything at restaurants without them. But, I've turned over a new leaf.

While love might be a strong word, I have learned to like mushrooms and after seeing this recipe for Mushroom Bisque with Crispy Shallots last week, I really wanted to give it a try.

End result: Forgot to make the crispy shallots which I think would have added a lot to the dish. I didn't like the mushrooms in such big chunks (my favorite chunks were the sauteed onions) and next time I would add some spice (rosemary?). If you're a mushroom person, it's a good recipe and it only took about 20-30 minutes to make. If you're a vegetarian, try mushroom broth in place of the beef broth and maybe add a little dark beer or more sherry.


  1. I loves me some fungus. And that preparation time sounds appetizing

  2. B, I think I wrote the 1st 2 paragraphs of your posting.
    But, there are worse things to eat than these mushroom clouds.

  3. I'm amazed to hear that a mushroom hater can overcome the disability. Now if I could only talk Doug into trying . . .
    Carol Blunier