Monday, August 8, 2016

Six years old!

Middle had her sixth birthday last week while we were on vacation and she's headed to Kindergarten this fall.  She seems so big and still so little in so many ways . . . I've found that parenting is full of contradictions like this.  Over the past year, Middle has been working on this list of things that have happened since her 5th birthday so I think her 6th is the perfect time to share it:

Things I have been able to do since I'm 5
- Pour milk into cereal by myself
- Go on an elevator and escalator by myself
- Snorkel by myself
- Stand up paddle board
- See a sea cucumber
- Scooter to the park by myself
- Learn how to play frisbee
- Read some words
- Catch a frog

Middle is a noticer and a nurturer.  She loves all of God's creatures, great and small, and wants to work with animals.  She finds things and has a great eye for detail, fashion, and the things that the rest of us sometimes pass right by.  We are so glad to have her in our family!

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