Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Baby Shower Food

I recently got to visit my new nephew in Oregon for 24 hours - it was so much fun to meet him and to see my sister and brother in law.  Afterwards, I realized that I never posted about the shower we gave my sister before the baby was born.  The shower had a camping / outdoor adventure theme and it was a group effort which made it a lot of fun.   

I made two food items that were fun and I thought they'd work for all kinds of other occasions / parties (A classroom party for harvest/fall, brunch, holiday gatherings).

First, Donut Hole Acorns:

I bought glazed donut holes and spread some nutella on the top, rolled them in chocolate sprinkles, and put half of a pretzel stick in the top to be the stem.  Easy, yummy, and cute!

Second, Trail Mix Bar:
I bought different kinds of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and put them in individual buckets with labels.  Guests could mix their own trail mix in small plastic cups and snack on it.  My one tip is to make sure you have a variety of sweet, savory, and spicy.  I ended up with lots of leftovers and have been making my own trail mix variations and taking it to work in little containers.

1 comment:

  1. Both treats are super cute, but I'm really loving the trail mix idea. It's great to have an option that's friendly to such a variety of dietary needs...I'm tucking that idea away!