Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not Leftovers . . . a new meal!

Last week I made one of my favorite crock pot recipes here on the blog - the Green Enchilada Chicken Soup.  I made the full recipe even though I know my kids aren't the biggest soup eaters (Big only likes Chicken Noodle and Middle only likes Green Soup) because the leftovers are awesome.  This time, instead of thinning down the thick leftover soup, I warmed it and served it over hot biscuits.  My mom used to make creamed chicken over biscuits and it was so good.  This is a green enchilada twist on that idea.  It made the leftovers into a "new meal" and one I will make again.  

Green Enchilada Chicken Soup (I left out the corn this time)

A good biscuit recipe (or use a tube of Pillsbury ones)


  1. I was looking back at your soup recipe and then followed the link back to the original. On hers, she specifies instant rice. On yours, you don't. Do you use regular rice? I just never keep instant on hand as I have a rice maker (LOVE) but I can always pick some up. I was thinking of trying the soup as I love white chicken chili but Levi hates anything with beans. As in, practically gags.

  2. I do use regular rice and find that it doesn't make a difference. Like you, I never keep instant on hand. This is really similar to the white chicken chili but without the beans. Let me know if your family likes it!

  3. Green soup.... mmmm. I'd forgotten that one. Must make soon with the greens in my garden.

  4. I made this last night for dinner. We liked it, but it was a bit spicy for the kids and Levi rebelled at the corn in it. I suppose I could always leave that out or put it in at the end after dishing a bowl out for him. I'm not sure if the heat was just from that brand of enchilada sauce--the only one at Walmart, where I happened to be--or the chili powder. I have no experience with green enchilada sauce so I'm not sure if it tends to be spicy or not. I'm thinking I would just use less of whatever made it spicy, but I'm not sure what that is! I didn't use the green chilis because my can was so old I decided not to risk it.
    I also loved how easy it was!

  5. Carol - I think that enchilada sauce varies a lot but generally, green seems to be milder than red. I used a green tomatillo salsa that my kids like.