Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation so far

We've had an amazing trip to Oahu and the Big Island so far.  Here's a little glimpse into what we've been up to.  Our first week was amazing spending some fun time with my parents and our second week has been family time.  Little has gotten over her hatred of sand between her toes and spent about an hour in the ocean today.  Middle is a voracious swimmer and I'm amazed at her stamina - ocean, pool, it doesn't seem to matter to her.  Big loves everything about Hawaii and has spent hours looking for geckos, chasing fish, and regaling us with facts about animals.

I used to think that other people would be bored by my vacation photos, but I love living vicariously through my friends and if you don't like it, you can check back here for some regularly scheduled recipes in a week or so!

Until then . . . Hawai'i Vacation 2014 so far . . . 

This may represent more than any picture below, what vacation has meant for our family:  no scheduled activities or to-do lists and not even ONE thing on the calendar this week!

The night we arrived was the most amazing sunset I've ever seen

Swimming with Grammy
Tour of a Kona Coffee farm
Future marine biologist


  1. Love it, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Wow - Hawaii never gets old, eh?! Gorgeous - and looks like the whole fam is having a ball. Looks like awesome memories in the works!! Did you and Shay hook up while you were both there?? :)