Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Report: Little House on the Prarie

Today my big girl graduated from preschool where she has been attending a "Transitional Kindergarten."  On the list her teacher sent home of "Things I Love" one of the items was "being an author and illustrator."  Big has made a few books this year and loves books a lot.  I can't wait to see her world open up as she can read to herself in the next few years!

A new feature on the blog is going to be book reports for the chapter books that Big & I read over the summer.  First up, Little House on the Prairie.  We finished Little House in the Big Woods a few months ago.  Here is Big's overall opinion:  "You should read this book because it's really good and you can learn a lot about how people lived a long time ago."

What was it about?

This book is about these people that have to move in to a new house.  Their old one was in the woods but this one is on the prairie.

Who wrote it?

The main character named Laura.

Who are the other main characters?

Pa, Ma, Mary, and Baby Carrie.

What part did you like the best?

My really favorite part was when they see Indians for the first time.  They didn't know that they weren't supposed to be living in the Indian territory.  I liked that the Indians came into their house and they had never seen an Indian before.

Who was your favorite character?  Why?

Mary and Laura.  They are the two little girls and I'm a little girl.  Mary is the big sister.  She is 7.  Laura is the little sister.  She wrote the book.

What ways are their lives like yours?  What ways are their lives different?
I have blond hair like Mary.  I like to pretend that I am moving too in my little play house.  There are 3 girls in their family and 3 girls in our family.  They planted a garden and I planted a garden.

They lived a long time ago and they lived out in the open and they didn't have any kind of screens or any electricity.  Their dad has to hunt for their food and we get to buy it.

Did any part make you sad?

Yes, the part when they thought Jack had died.  And, Jack is the dog.

What do you think will happen in the next book?

It's going to be Laura's birthday again.  I think they are going to move to a place with a creek and Laura is going to find all these new treasures in the lake.


  1. Well done Big! Congrats on your graduation :)

  2. I absolutely love that screens trumped electricity and food.

  3. Good job Big! I loved the Little House on the Prairie books when I was a kid. Her answers are adorable!

  4. Well done you two! Oh the joys of summer reading! Lucky you guys!

  5. Well done! Your girl really seems to be comprehending well, which means that she's a smarty and you're good about reading. Thanks for the reminder to read real literature to Carter. I was good about that with Ashlynn but tend to just read the same toddler books to him, even though he has a pretty good attention span.