Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Ideas

Big brought home a coloring sheet from school today which was a version of this picture.  I know it's not a super original idea but I thought it was cute and I liked how it made the 5 year olds giggle.  I don't have anything against the Easter bunny or Santa Claus and I love holidays in general but it was a good reminder to keep Easter about the spiritual meaning that is so important to our family.

Here are some Easter activities (the first two involving food) that I'm hoping to do with my girls this year:

Make Empty Tomb cookies - we did this a few years ago and Jenna asked for it again this year.  Then, they made them with the kids at church last weekend.  It was a big hit and she wants to make them again at home.

Make Hot Cross Buns - I've read that this is a Good Friday tradition and it seems like a fun one to start since my girls have been asking to bake lately.

Dye Easter Eggs - a classic and something I always enjoy.  I am seeing visions of egg salad sandwiches in our future.

And, this year we're not going to pull off this craft but I bookmarked it (yay for Pinterest) and am hoping to get my act together for next year:  Mini Easter Gardens.

Hope you have a blessed Easter!  I'll post some photos if I'm able to pull off my activities this weekend!


  1. Great ideas! I'll have to "pin" this for next year!