Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Girls

My girls have birthdays on 8/4 and 9/5 (how cool is that?) and I'm obviously a little behind on some birthday posts.  I can't believe how big they both are and it was so much fun to have drawn out birthday celebrations for both of them.  Our kids are such a blessing and I love them both so much and we have lots of birthday fun around our house.  Of course, each one was sad on the other's birthday that she wasn't getting as much attention and presents but learning that it's not always "your turn" is part of life, right?

So, here's the recap:

We were in Atlanta on Little's actual birthday but followed it up with a family celebration and Cookie Monster party when we got back

"I'm TWO"

Nemo Cake at Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe's

Little & Papa have the two family August birthdays

Cookie Monster cupcakes . . . made the toppers all by myself!
And, Big turned 5 today.  Over the weekend, we celebrated at Pretend City with some friends.  This morning we had pancakes at the Village Diner before school.  Her teacher shares her birthday so we brought cupcakes for her classroom and tonight had hamburgers (her favorite) for dinner.  A birthday highlight was picking out her American Girl doll from her Grammy & Papa.

Look at my big girl!

Yes,  her cake says "May the Force Be With You" as per her instructions to the bakery

Jenna & Julie

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  1. It WAS a fun birthday season with your girls! The photo of Ani in the cookie monster headthing makes me sad we missed that party! But we had fun family celebrations - thanks for sharing the joy!