Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventures in Atlanta

It's hard to believe that just last weekend we were in Atlanta.  We visited my husband's aunt, uncle and grandmother and had a wonderful trip.  The girls loved spending time with their great-aunt, great-uncle, and great-grandmother, getting to know Barkley the dog, and seeing some of the sights.  We visited the Georgia Aquarium and the Tellus Museum and had some memorable meals out.

Since this blog is all about the food, I'll share two spots you can't miss if you're in the Atlanta area.

First, the Varsity.  The original location opened in the 1920s in Atlanta and it seems like the equivalent of In-N-Out in California . . . fresh ingredients, enormously popular, great burgers . . . but the menu is more diverse, it's known for being the world's largest drive-in, and it has an Atlanta flair all its own.

Their hot dogs are popular but I had a cheeseburger, onion rings (to die for!) and a Frosted Orange (tasted like a 50/50 bar).  We had dinner here after the aquarium and Little was so tired she slept through the whole meal.  Big gave her burger two thumbs up.

Next up, Henry's Louisiana Grill.  I love cajun food and every bite I had in this restaurant was amazing.  To get a feel for the place and Chef Henry, who is larger than life and we got to chat with for a bit, check out this video clip.  We had the scallop appetizer he prepares in that clip.

My husband had blackened petite filets over goat cheese grits and I had a sampler of the Louisiana Shrimp Creole, the Louisiana Ooh La La over grits, and red beans and rice.  Fun atmosphere and one of the best meals I've had in a long, long time.  Don't miss this place!  And Henry, let us know when you want to open a location in Southern California.  Thanks Joe and Sharon for everything!

Henry's Louisiana Grill
835 N.Main Street
Acworth, Georgia


  1. Did u meat your husband in Georgia?
    How were their onion rings. The best I've had are from Astro's in L.A,
    Appreciate your restaurant review. Look 4ward to your next one!

  2. No, neither of us are from Georgia but we had family move there. The onion rings were perfect in my opinion - crispy, not too bready or greasy . . . yum.

  3. Brian and I have shared many a meal at the Varsity! Glad y'all had fun and we will have to try Henry's the next time we are in ATL.