Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Young Chef's Academy

About 6 months ago, I bought a Groupon for the Young Chef's Academy in Claremont.  We had walked by several times and big sister loved the idea of taking a class.  The class times aren't very convenient for us so it took the Groupon almost expiring to get us in the door (finally). 

Chef Tony was awesome and even put on a chef's hat when he saw that my daughter was disappointed that he wasn't wearing one (in the photo, you can see he also let her wear one too). The kids made Chicken Noodle Soup and a Four Cheese and Tomato Panini.  Here's my honest review of the experience:

Fun . . . Big loved it
Friendly, personable staff
Recipes for students to take home - Big is excited to make this menu again for Daddy and little sister
Got my daughter to eat some stuff she usually doesn't eat (tomatoes, soup)

Most of the cooking that the kids did was just chopping.  Not sure if that's because of this menu in particular or if that's characteristic of the classes for her age.
No stove in the kitchen - made me think I'll steer clear of their adult classes
The class is "parent participation" but the parents didn't participate.  I loved doing something new with Big and watching her but I think it should either be optional to drop them off or encourage more actual participation from parents.

They do birthday parties which I think sounds like a lot of fun.  Check them out here or at 514 W. First Street, Claremont (in the Packing House).

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