Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flip Flop Party 2011

How to Host a Flip Flop Exchange:
1.  Invite lots of friends and their little girls over for brunch and the exchange.  I usually do it in the spring, before summertime
2.  Tell guests to rsvp with their shoe size and how many pairs of flip flops they want to exchange
3.  Check rsvps and hope people actually want to come.  Get a pedicure while you're waiting for the big day.
4.  Set a price limit per pair of flip flops (we did $15) and a week or two before, assign a size for everyone to bring.  Make it work out so that there will be a pair for each participant in their shoe size.  For the little girls, we did a direct exchange (like drawing names at Christmas time)
5.  Buy cheesy flip flop decorations and paper goods at Party City.
6.  Make brunch and have plenty of coffee (and mimosas!)
7.  Eat, talk, laugh, repeat.
8.  After brunch, have guests pick numbers randomly.  Start with #1 and let each person pick the pair of flip flops they like best to take home.  
9.  Post on your blog about your party or comment here and let me know.  

Thanks to everyone who came - I had a really fun morning and was so happy to see each of you.  I'll think of what fun we had when I wear my flip flops this summer!

Baby sister wishing she was old enough to wear flip flops

Here are two of the recipes I made for the brunch.  Both were great and I'm making the frittata again tonight for dinner.  I didn't realize until I was part way through the bundt recipe that it had a LOT of caffeine . . . and I had several pregnant friends and some little kids who might not have appreciated that fact!  But, it was delicious and I polished off the leftovers after the race I ran on Sunday.  

Potato Frittata 
I found the recipe on Gluten Free Goddess but I used Gruyere & added cooked chopped bacon

Cappuccino Bundt Cake
I found the recipe on the Food Librarian and followed it but I made a regular vanilla icing

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