Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes

Gotta love the bedhead and PJs for our Saturday morning baking project!

For our friend's annual St. Patrick's Day party, I wanted to bring something that would be fun for big sister to help me make.  I found  a recipe for rainbow cupcakes (get it?  leprechauns and gold at the end of the rainbow?) on the same blog as the lasagna stacks.  The process was fun, colorful, and big sister had a good time mixing the colors.

A couple of downsides:  I only got 1 dozen regular sized cupcakes and 5 mini cupcakes and the layering part was tedious (too hard for big sister to help and she didn't like that).  When I layered the colors, I'm not sure what I did wrong but mine looked more like they were tie dyed and the red sank down through the middle.  Look at her photos for perfect ones!

I also feel like I should give a disclaimer:  I am not endorsing consuming this much food coloring on a regular basis and it will make for interesting, um, okay . . . what's a delicate way to say this?  Poop.  There, I said it on a food blog.  Sorry.

Before the recipe, just for fun, a picture of the bluest eyed baby ever . . .

Rainbow Cupcakes (makes about 1 dozen)

1 box of white cake mix, batter prepared as per the box
food coloring
frosting of your choosing

After you prepare the batter, divide it into 6 bowls.  Add food coloring to make one bowl each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  I did it like this:

red: 18 drops
orange: 12 yellow drops and 4 red
yellow: 12 drops
green: 12 drops
blue: 12 drops
purple: 9 red drops and 6 blue drops

Then, layer the colors in muffin liners in a muffin tin in reverse order (start with purple on the bottom and end with red on the top).  Bake as per the box, frost, and enjoy!


  1. Those faces are better than any treasure at the end of the rainbow.