Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow . . . I'm having a moment lately like when baby sister was born where I'm doubting my ability to keep blogging.  Maybe it's the sleep deprivation (my amazing sleeping baby completely disappeared) or the moving (how on earth do we have this much stuff in a 1100 square foot house??) or the fact that I'm in week 8 of my 10 week quarter for the writing classes I'm teaching (essays due next week - yikes!) or all of these things combined.  I'll be back sometime soon - I promise.  And, I'll post pictures of my new, dream kitchen.  But for now, here are some other photos and no recipe.

What our dining room looks like - boxes!

And, extra room to play (look at the sitting girl!)

For my birthday, my niece made cookies for me!

And, my mom made me an awesome dinner with chocolate souffles (just to clarify, this is my dad, serving the souffles)


  1. Lots of exciting stuff going on with the Mills family! Enjoy these crazy times.

  2. Just take a month off, Bec. No problem. But do try to make the gathering of bloggers on 3/19 in ADena! (bring potluck food!)

  3. Take your time. Relax. Sleep. Quarter's almost over!