Monday, September 20, 2010

New cookies & a new photographer

I'd like to introduce my new assistant photographer, my 3 year old daughter. She documented the new cookies we made last week:

The cookie dough

The cookies ready to go into the oven

Finally a photo that's in focus

Head chef and baby sister from the point of view of the sous chef

When I gave my daughter a few choices of what we could do after her nap last week (including a trip to the library), she picked baking. I had some very ripe bananas to use up and as I got the ingredients out, she threw a little fit because she doesn't like bananas (I know - what toddler doesn't like bananas? I don't like to just eat them so I can't give her too hard of a time . . .). I tried my best to explain that these would be chocolate chip cookies and wouldn't taste like banana in the end and it took some convincing. But, finally we got the project underway.

It's a little ironic that I'm calling these "new" cookies because I have three very similar recipes (all banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies) posted here and here. But, these have no flour at all (almond meal) and coconut which I liked. The end result was pretty crumbly but tasty. It's scary how many you can eat. Has anyone else noticed that if you're cooking without sugar and you don't get that sick "I ate too much sugar" feeling, you eat many, many more of whatever item you just made? Not exactly helping my plan to cut down on the sweets, but they were delicious!

If you haven't checked out 101 Cookbooks, it's pretty great and you can find the recipe there.


  1. Good for her! You've certainly got your hands full so it's nice that she can help. Plus, it's always fun to see things from their perspective.

  2. What good pictures she took. Brava. Cookies sound good too.

  3. Oh no!! healthy Bec is back. Sort of. ;)