Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peach Pie

Countdown: 10 days until baby girl's due date

In an earlier post this summer, I mentioned that one of my cooking goals was to make a fresh peach pie. Marilyn provided a recipe in the comments and I finally tried it out today and wanted to repost the recipe for you all. It was easy and tasty - the most time consuming part was peeling and slicing the peaches which isn't a big deal. I don't make my own pie crusts and have had good results with the ones from Trader Joe's that you bake yourself. I also like the Pillsbury but the ingredients are a little more questionable.

I had leftover peach jello so I made Jello Jigglers for my daughter and she didn't like them! Maybe a texture thing? I was surprised - what kid doesn't like jello? - but it might just be because she's never had it before.

Marilyn's Peach Pie (one 9 inch pie)

1 c. sugar
dash of salt
2 T. cornstarch
3 T peach jello (1/2 box)
3/8 tsp. knox gelatin
a baked pie crust
orange food coloring (optional)
4-5 cups sliced fresh peaches
whipped cream for serving

Step 1: Make the sauce

Combine the sugar, salt, and cornstarch with 7/8 cup water (measure 1 cup and take out 2 tablespoons). Cook 4-5 minutes stirring constantly. It will get clear and thick. Remove from heat and add 3 T. peach jello (1/2 box) and several drops of orange food coloring. Also add 3/8 tsp. knox gelatin which has been soaked in 2 T. cold water. Mix everything together well and cool.

Step 2: Make the crust

Make your favorite pie crust (you only need one crust so for some recipes, you might need to halve the amount), put it in the bottom of a 9 inch pie pan and bake it until it's golden brown. Let it cool. I'm a big cheater and I use Trader Joe's premade pie dough.

Step 3: Make the filling

When the sauce and the crust are cool, slice 4-5 cups of fresh peaches. I think I used 6 or 7 peaches today and I ended up with some white and some yellow peaches. Stir the peach slices into the sauce. Pour into baked 9-inch pie shell. Cool at least 5 hours. Top with whipped cream.

Note: Marilyn says that you can use this formula for strawberry pie omitting knox gelatin and substituting strawberry jello and red food coloring rather than the peach jello and orange food coloring.


  1. Hope you liked the way it turned out. Your pictures are great.

  2. Congrats on the new baby girl!
    And, by the way, I've always loved my mom's peach pie the best!!
    Carol (daughter of Marilyn!)