Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another birthday to celebrate

My husband was 34 on Tuesday and we celebrated with a special breakfast, dinner at Derek's Bistro and homemade key lime pie for dessert. Needless to say, he and I both love sweets. We had a dessert buffet at our wedding reception and one of the items on that buffet was cinnamon rolls with orange icing. My best friend worked at Bean Town in Sierra Madre at the time and had the baker make a special batch for us.

I haven't made cinnamon rolls in ages. My grandma Vi made amazing Kucha rolls with gooey brown sugar pecan topping and the last time I tried her recipe, it was a bit of a disaster. I will make those again and get it right, but for J's birthday, I needed something simpler.

This recipe uses only 2 bowls, nothing has to rise, and you don't even need to melt butter or bring ingredients to room temperature. I wondered why the recipe said "Cinnamon biscuits" when they were clearly cinnamon rolls, but in my first bite I realized that this was really a biscuit dough.

Like the last soup I posted, I bet you have these ingredients on hand (okay, probably not 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream) and I bet you love cinnamon smells coming from your oven on a rainy morning. Unlike the last post, there's probably no nutritional benefit to these rolls but you can't have everything, right?

Here's the recipe - I made no changes at all except to put some orange extract into the frosting for a subtle orange flavor (no OJ in the house).

Enjoy, and happy birthday, dear J!


  1. Cinnabuns are my downfall (one of many).

  2. lets make kucha buns together someday soon. I'll show you the trick Grandma Vi taught me . . .

  3. I have made cinnamon biscuits before and I much prefer soft gooey rolls!